Have you cried uncle, thrown in the towel, raised the white flag… and yet still there’s a part of you that hopes… that wants to believe

What If
You Could Easily And Consistently Have A Replenishing, Nutritious AND Tasty Meal
On Your Table In 20 Minutes…
Without Shopping And Without Cooking


If your schedule doesn’t fit in planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up for dinner every night.
Or, if your clothes don’t fit from too many fast food and heavily processed meals.
Or, if it’s just more difficult than you want it to be to get the nutrition your body and demanding life need and yearn for.
Then, Now is the time to make dinner serve you.

You don’t need to walk over hot coals. You don’t need to be married to a professional chef (it’s not like they have time to cook at home anyway). You don’t need to be Royalty.

You just need to appreciate nourishing, satisfying, real food prepared expressly for you. Food with the Seasons in mind and generous use of organic and free–range ingredients.

Sandy learns and uses the most current holistic health information to create from her passion for food. She puts her love of healthy food choices, fresh organic produce, and delicious flavors into each meal and makes food enjoyable, healthy and fun. Eating healthy does not have to be boring and tasteless. You can have it all and this is what Sandy provides – healthy meals that taste incredible and you know were made with your specific health needs and preferences in mind.
        ~M. S. & S. S., Danville

Seduced By The Concept,
Addicted To The Convenience

What we put on our dinner table has dramatically changed over the past three decades. But the way our body responds to food has not. We’ve become a society that has exchanged health for convenience. And it’s really showing.

The CDC now classifies obesity and overweight as critically important health threats in this country. As well, numerous degenerative diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease and arthritis have dramatically increased. All these health issues are related to what, and how, we eat.

You know the overt cost of fast food and frozen dinners, but what about the covert costs? Hurricanes aren’t a good replacement for air conditioning and fast food isn’t a good replacement for essential nourishment.

Convenience: that is an understatement.
Did it save time? Yes! In ways I hadn’t figured on as well… no mid-afternoon panic about what to fix for dinner. No “well, it’ll do” type meals.

I was excited about dinnertime approaching, as opposed to exhausted just thinking about what to get and make.

I would definitely recommend the service to others.
    ~ the Hubbard’s (family of four), Berkeley

“Convenience” Meals Do Help Bridge The Time Gap
Unfortunately – They Widen The Health And Vitality Gap

The more we eat against our optimal diet, the more food becomes not a fuel for our body – but an assault on our body.
It just isn’t as easy as it was 30 years ago. The soil is more depleted, the use of pesticides greater. The processing out of essential nutrition in food rampant.
How much of the food we eat is created in a test tube with 12 syllable ingredients rather than grown on a farm?

It’s true – we’re so busy and overwhelmed, we get numb to this new danger and that new hazard. Unfortunately see no evil, hear no evil doesn’t make it go away.

We live in fast times and instant gratification. You want what you get from eating well – better energy level, better clarity, better health, better vitality.
But there you are on the edge with one foot on a banana peel when it comes to turning your good intentions into a truly great healthy meal… night after night.

And like the constant crash of a wave onto the shore, the quick, convenient – but nutritionally deprived – “it’ll do” meals are eroding your health. Perhaps your thinking about the results of your most recent health tests right now. Or maybe you’re thinking you’d just like to feel more nourished.

You don’t need to give up modern innovations. You don’t need to walk away from your life and take up a “Little House on the Prairie” life.

In 72.97% LESS time* than it would take you to prepare your own meals, you could enjoy everyday meals that are anything but ordinary… everyday.

Meals prepared by a trained Professional Chef and Nutrition Consultant, personalized to YOUR tastes, preferences and dietary needs. Meals individually prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients of the season waiting for YOU.
Simply heat, serve and savor.

    *based on typical time spent to:
plan 5 days of meals = 1 hour/week; 12 minutes per day;
shop for 5 days of groceries = 2 hours/week; 24 minutes per day;
  (includes travel and putting away groceries)
prepare a typical meal = 45 minutes;
clean up = 30 minutes.
TOTAL TIME per typical meal = 111 minutes (1 hour, 51 minutes)
with Tao de Kitchen:
reheat meal = 10-20 minutes;
clean up = 10 minutes.
total time per Tao de Kitchen meal = 30 minutes

There’s no doubt about it, knowing that we were going to have a wholesome and delicious dinner boosted our spirits and took a load off our minds. Sandy’s personal chef service certainly helped us make a smooth transition from being a family of three… to four!
Thank you!
    ~ Sandra Harris, Oakland

Eating should be fun, it should be relaxing.
I’m sure you see the wisdom in having a designated driver when you want to go to a social event, relax and drink alcohol.
How can you experience the pleasure of savoring good and “good–for– you” meals? Get a designated personal chef – Tao de Kitchen.

Tao de Kitchen, a personal chef service does:
• the Planning
• the Shopping
• the Cooking
• the Clean-up

Tell us what you crave and enjoy – we craft each menu just for you… including special diet plans. Everything from comfort food to adventurous world cuisine, vegan to Atkins… a jolt of healthy happy on your table in 20 minutes.

Compare to take out or restaurant dining – for a comparable cost, and often less – Tao de Kitchen allows you to enjoy individualized professionally cooked meals without the hassle of going out and waiting for service. Without the noise of a crowded restaurant. And without wondering and worrying about the quality of the ingredients.

You get a great meal AND time to relax and savor it. Sitting down and sharing a nutritious meal with family and loved ones is a very nurturing way to get your life back. To unwind at the end of the day. To be nourished by the food and the time to savor and share it.

Sandy and Tao de Kitchen have revolutionized dinner time in my home.
As busy as I am, and reticent to grocery shop, Sandy’s dinners afford me the luxury of actually sitting down to a wonderful meal. No more eating at the sink! I have the added benefit of Sandy being able to work within the points system of Weight Watchers, which is important to me.
I can’t say enough about the fresh, savory meals I look forward to when I take a Tao dinner out of the freezer.
Thanks, Sandy–you’ve changed my life!
    ~ Lin Gentry, Personal Fitness Trainer, Oakland

Here’s How It Works:

–> Contact Tao de Kitchen and schedule a no obligation meeting to review any food allergies or dietary needs, along with your likes and dislikes.
We will then plan a cook date.

–> You’ll receive a customized menu uniquely suited to your dietary needs and tastes which you’ll have the opportunity to review and preapprove. Service plan options typically provide a few days meals.

–> On the morning of your cook date, we buy the freshest ingredients, with generous use of organic and free–range products.

–> Each meal will be  packaged for the refrigerator or freezer, and labeled with easy heating instructions.

Simply enjoy at your convenience while you savor your newfound time.

Busy Is Everyday –
Shouldn’t You Make Eating Well Everyday?

Stop reading. Stop putting it off. Put away the worry beads you grip while you take your chances with today’s “convenience” foods and turn your eating around.

Call NOW to schedule a consultation and cook date so when you come home all you need do is grab a Tao from the refrigerator or freezer. Heat, serve and savor.
Eat well. Be nourished. Be relaxed. Be well.

Tao de Kitchen will bring balance and harmony back into your life. We’re focused on creating nourishing food for the body and providing premium service that will give back precious time to your busy life and precious nourishment to your livelihood. In this way, we see food nourishing not just the body, but also the mind. Dinner should not be an interruption to eat, it should be a nourishment of body, mind and spirit.

Call: 510.816.6931  or email now,
and experience everyday meals that are
anything but ordinary… everyday.

Have you eaten yet?

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.
~ Virginia Woolf

Thanks so much. We are in heaven, and do not ever want to go back to our cooking, or frozen weight watchers. Who knew staying within our points and on our (Weight Watchers) program could taste so spectacular.
        ~K. Davis, Castro Valley